With data security breaches at an all time high and users more demanding than ever, are you ready for 2013's ever-changing hosting landscape? Be ready. Host your data in the IBX Vault.

Throughout the past year, IT security has shifted and changed significantly. Organizations have adopted cloud computing, moved to virtualization and have sought to establish more efficient and secure methods to handle data to meet the needs of a demanding global audience. Simultaneously, data security threats have increased as well, and for organizations required to meet compliance objectives such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the Sarbanes - Oxley Act (SOX), finding reliable, secure, connected and compliant hosting solutions can be a major challenge.

Whether your enterprise is required to meet commercial compliance objectives, or you're just looking for a hosting facility that meets the highest security standards in the industy, the IBX Vault's ability to exceed both commercial and federal compliance requirements make it the perfect data center for enterprises seeking a highly secure hosting solution.

With a full range of compliant managed hosting, compliant cloud and compliant colocation solutions available, the IBX Vault meets these 2013 hosting challenges by offering the most comprehensive suite of secure, connected and compliant hosting services available today.

Cloud Computing

It seems everyday another article comes out about security in the cloud, and there's no shortage of people weary of keeping their data there. The IBX Vault is one place where cloud security is definitely not an issue and it's not just any cloud; it's Carpathia InstantOn enterprise cloud solution.

Enterprise business needs require an enterprise-level cloud solution. Take advantage of instant access to secure and scalable compute resources, pay-as-you-go pricing and 24x7x365 support from Carpathia's team of hosting experts. Contact us about a cloud solution in the IBX Vault today.

Managed Hosting

One of the most connected data centers in the industry, Carpathia's IBX Vault houses state-of-the-art operational platforms and systems on which Carpathia offers managed servers, operating systems and hypervisors, storage and a wide selection of managed network services - all with Carpathia 24x7x365 monitoring and technical support.

Clients can convert CapEx to OpEx for both facility and IT resources, expertly managed by certified Carpathia technicians as a comprehensive service. Contact us about a managed hosting solution in the IBX Vault today.


From its readily accessible location in the tech-laden Dulles corridor of Northern Virginia, to its state-of-the art technical design, advanced security posture and 24x7x365 operation, Carpathia's IBX Vault data center provides the ideal operating environment for your IT infrastructure.

In the IBX Vault, Carpathia's engineers work with customers to design solutions that meet physical, logical, environmental, geographic diversity and redundancy requirements and controls. Customers trust they can satisfy and maintain their compliance position when colocating equipment in the IBX Vault. Contact us about a colocation solution in the IBX Vault today.

Ensure your most sensitive data is protected by hosting it in the IBX Vault.

The 64,000 sq. ft., 7.3 - megawatt IBX Vault data center delivers colocation, managed hosting and cloud services built to support a full range of compliance standards - including PCI, SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, DIACAP and FedRAMP. And, as one of the most connected data centers in the industry, organizations can ensure not only that their data is safe, but also that it's in a low-latency environment.

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